What is Pack for a Purpose?

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you'll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click on the logo above to see what supplies are needed for our projects.

Barefoot Kuata Island - Namara Village School


Waya Lailai is home to between 150-200 typically wonderfully warm and kind-hearted people, many of whose ancestors grew up on the same island. Almost all of the staff at Barefoot Kuata Island grew up in Namara, attended Namara Village School, and now send their children to the same class rooms.

Through our work with Pack for a Purpose we hope to collect smaller necessities for the students so that the school committee is able to use money from other donors to acquire larger purchases such as tables and chairs and bedroom furniture, most which have seen better days and are now in need of an update. The project is a great way to say "Vinaka" for the wonderful hospitality visitors experience in the Yasawa Islands and to give back to the local community.


Founded in 1980, the Namara Village School was moved after a devastating landslide in 1985 and is now located in Naboro village, north-west Waya Lailai, where the land is more protected from the influence of nature.

Parents from the other two villages on the islands Namara and Yamata - pay $2 to transfer their children on the local school-boat every Sunday afternoon and they are re-united with their children again after they've finished the school day on Friday. Board is provided, but parents are expected to provide books and stationary to each of their children. Facilities at the school are limited but include a small library, educational books and posters, some musical instruments and sport equipment.

Barefoot Manta Island - Muaira Village Library


Kese village has 251 inhabitants and Muaira has 165. Nearly half of these are young children, most of whom attend the local school.


The library is a relatively new addition to the school and is used by all. It serves as a refuge for children of all ages and is currently stocked entirely based on the generosity of local tourists.

Barefoot Manta Island - Kese Health Centre


Kese Health Centre was established in 1970 and supports five settlements, three schools and five villages. It is staffed by one nurse and helps roughly 500 children and 315 pregnant women each year. Much of the support provided is for maternal, infant care and community health. The centre has two beds and also assists with common injuries like cuts and lacerations.


For most of the villages in the remote Yasawas, even basic healthcare is inaccessible to most. The mainland is a 3 hour journey (by high-speed catamaran) and Kese's health centre is the best medical care most of the locals have access

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